How Crypto Mining Works

Learn more about crypto mining what it is, how it works, and how we utilise this technology to generate returns for Wavecapitalfx Group members.

Cryptocurrency Mining Explained

Simply put, as crypto miners, we help facilitate blockchain transactions around the world every single day. Every time someone wishes to make a transaction (ie to buy something or send money), miners like us help to facilitate this transaction and are paid a small ‘service fee’ to do so.

The common analogy we use here, is like that of a bank ATM. We buy, own and manage the machine, and every time someone uses our machines, we make a small fee from the transaction. Multiplying this analogy by thousands of machines, and millions of transactions, this is the simplest way to understand how we generate returns for our members.


3 Reasons To Subscribe With Wavecapitalfx Group

1. Earn Up To 77% A Year

With our flexible blockchain mining packages, members can earn between 6-77% per annum.

2. Fixed-Rate Returns

Member returns are locked to a minimum-fixed rate, paid daily into your Wavecapitalfx Group account.

3. We Return Your Capital

At the end of your blockchain mining term, we'll return you 100% of your initial subscription amount.

We Don’t Offer Financial, Tax or Legal Advice

Wavecapitalfx Crypto does not offer financial products or services and are not registered financial planners, accountants or lawyers. If you require such advice, we encourage you to consult with your own existing advisors, or to speak with one of our independent service providers.

We Don’t Make Decisions For You

While we will do everything we can to assist you in making wise decisions, we don’t make decisions on your behalf. Once your account is setup, it is up to you to decide on how you will manage it. The good news is that you’ll have access to our amazing support team who can provide assistance during office hours.

We Don’t Treat You Like A Number

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a quick question or issue that turns into an epic – not knowing who to contact, the right number to call, or worse – slipping through the cracks and never getting a solution to your problem. We take our members, and service to them seriously.

We Don’t Always Go ‘With The Grain’

Our goal was to create a revolutionary offering, that potentially changes our members lives. If we don’t challenge existing ways of doing things, we can never create a different future.

We Give Back

With on-going sponsorships to our local Bowls Club, junior NRL, boxing and a supercar driver - we want to be a company that gives back to our local community, and establish ourselves as a company that gives back.

We Don’t Work With Everyone

Even with a fantastic offer, the truth is, working with Wavecapitalfx Crypto is not for everyone. We take our client relationships incredibly seriously – and we’re always looking for win-wins. That’s why we only work with members who we can help.

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